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Empower Organizations For Better Business Results.

As a business leader with +25 years of experience empowering teams and driving results, Hugh Van Es will guide your teams through an empowerment journey guaranteed to unlock their full potential. The expected benefits for your business are significant:

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Hugh Van Es has

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Leading executive management teams in multicultured environments.
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Developing new leaders in English, Thai and Dutch.

Mentorship for increased performance through employee empowerment


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4 x 3-day workshop (12 man-days)


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Expected Workshop Outcomes

Client success story

Mrs. Kunchalee Hongsawad
Head of the Gems, Swarovski Gemstones Thailand

After all the various workshops on empowerment, the Gems team is really feeling the positive effects of living the concepts in the department. The team leaders have distributed multiple jobs to the operators through proper coaching. Once an operator has understood the new tasks, the team leaders have stepped back and provided them with the needed space to prove they are more than capable of handling the new job. Any feedback or opinions from the operators are presented with confidence to the team leaders who ensure that they are actively listening and accepting the feedback from the operators. The operators feel braver than before and feel enabled when given these new opportunities.

Mr. Yingyos Naktian
Head of Engineering, Swarovski Gemstones Thailand

I want to share a story of empowerment in my department. A month ago, there was a change in the company to combine 3 departments (Precision Engineering Department, Research and Development Department, and Engineering Development Department) into one department called “Engineering” in order to more efficiently manage and organize the various jobs the department handles and thereby enabling us to serve our customers better.

In the old organizational structure, each department worked independently according to its function and were focusing only on its jobs and tasks. However, after the new organization, our team expanded a lot. The result of this change is that it brought together people with different points of view and skills, which I thought would require a lot of time to have everyone aligned and tuned to the same targets.

However, I could observe a positive change very quickly within just 2 weeks of putting the new organizational structure in place. All the team members have actively exchanged their knowledge and their experience with each other. Those who are in a more senior position and who have more experience try to support and coach the members who are still junior and have less experience to get the department work done as quickly as possible. They now show themselves to be very self-driven without any specific guidance from their leaders.

Ms. Buapragaai Pukkham
Head of Sorting, Swarovski Gemstones Thailand

After joining the Empowerment Workshops, we have more understanding of the company strategy and company goals. I have to say that this is the beginning that makes everyone on the team change their mindset and perspective. What we observed was the cross-collaboration between teams and functions increased. The importance of implementing empowerment is that we are clearer to go in the same direction. We know and understand well that what we do is for our customers.

All the effort is not only driven by the team leader’s level, but everyone in the production team is working together as a team and being responsive in their role to do their best and achieve common goals. Because of the collaboration of everyone, it helps us be successful in delivering the products within the timeframe.