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Art Inspiration

The Artistic Journey of Rit: A Lifetime of Creative Exploration

The Intersection of Art and Leadership

In April 1992, at the age of 51, my mother Rit embarked on a journey that would forever change her life and the lives of those around her. With a brush in hand and a palette of acrylic paints, she began her first exploits into the art world. Using cardboard as her canvas, she painted one abstract piece after another, each a unique expression of her inner world.

Even now, at the age of 81, Rit’s art is what drives her. It’s what motivates her to get up in the morning, what excites her on a daily basis. Her art is not just a hobby; it’s a lifelong passion, a calling that she has answered with every stroke of her brush.

Rit’s art serves as a constant source of inspiration in my work as a Leadership Coach focused on employee empowerment. The way my mother fearlessly explores new ideas and mediums in her artistry mirrors the innovative thinking I encourage in the workplace.

Her lifelong dedication to her craft, even at the age of 81, exemplifies the kind of passion and commitment I aim to instill in my clients. Just as each stroke of her brush adds depth and texture to a canvas, I believe that each individual has the potential to contribute something unique and valuable to their organization.

Her art reminds me daily that with the right blend of creativity, dedication, and courage, we can all create something truly extraordinary.

Picture of Rit, Hugh's mum painting a colourful painting Art inspiration Rit's Timeless amazing Art and my journey of leadership in 2023

Artist: Rit Van Es

The Art Inspiration

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