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As an experienced executive and business professional with 25 years of networking in Thailand and abroad.

Hugh Van Es has honed his skills in understanding the Thai business environment like no other.

With an intricate understanding of Thai culture, customs, and networks, Hugh is the go-to resource for advice on conducting business in Thailand.

His extensive knowledge relationship building and networking , has benefitted him in countless successful business deals and partnerships, cementing his position as a respected leader within the industry.

Elite 25year Business Network Unlock Success with Hugh Van Es

Associations, Partners and Network


At GoldfishSEO, we specialize in helping companies improve their search engine rankings, so that their website appears as high as possible in the search results.

Whether you’re selling products or services online, we can help you reach your target audience and drive more sales.


Bangkok Web Design, Apps & Digital marketing

Our mission is to create digital opportunities beyond the horizon of your project requirements. Together we’ll ideate, design, build, & launch your next success.


The Inspire networking group is a long-established collective of like-minded business networking individuals that come together to provide business referrals, support, advice, and guidance in order to help each other grow our businesses. 

We are a widely diverse group from all backgrounds, nationalities, and specifically, industries. We meet weekly to gain Trust amongst the members, share our week over a coffee, and have breakfast.


Bangkok’s friendliest business community

We are devoted to nurturing kindness & opportunity among our members, and in the world at large.
If you believe doing good is key to your wellbeing and success, and you’re keen to practice this belief with like-minded people, Proseed is the community for you.


Roevens is the specialist in tiles and tiling. With more than 70 years of experience, we are your logical partner in processing, supplying and installing ceramic tiles, marble and natural stone.


A creative, tenacious and dependable “hands-on” consultant, whose vocation is about transforming your business.
Rebuilding it into one, which strives to achieve optimized performance while preventing occupational and environmental incidents and damage, thus being sustainable


Pioneer Group of Companies is an Asia-based service provider with over 50 years of experience as the Longest Reliable Logistics Partner. We offer a comprehensive range of services with extensive trusted global networks. From freight forwarding on day one, we extended our expertise to warehouse distribution services as all-in-one logistics and supply chain management solutions. 


A.C.D. Thailand is your crystal setting professional, a visionary pioneer in applying the unique PointiageTM Technique. As a close partner of Swarovski, we are renowned on the international market for offering the best and highest quality crystal setting service.

FUTURE Training

FUTURE Training Consulting Coaching


As a certified educational provider and competence center with an international network of trainers, our focus is on coaching, leadership and corporate culture development.


Provides strategic Manufacturing Management based in Bangkok Thailand. What is AIMS all about? AIMS is about creating value propositions for everyone concerned. We achieve this for our customers by a value-add environment. Being a niche company and providing unique services we continuously stretch our team’s capabilities. 

Conscious Consulting Group

The Conscious Consulting Group is a global consulting company. We exist to help the emergence and flourishing of conscious businesses.

Conscious Businesses are committed to create value and a positive impact for people, planet and all their stake-holders. 

GPS Legal

We are GPS Legal – a full-service law firm in Thailand providing legal services to resident and overseas individuals, local and regional SMEs, and global multinationals.

Diamond Buying Centre

At Diamond Buying Centre, we are highly experienced in diamond analysis. Our graders have obtained certification from the Gemological Institute of America, which is internationally considered to be the best diamond grading certification one could possess.

Logo of Taube digital

Taube Digital

Taube Digital offers Odoo implementation services to simplify and automate your business processes.

Logo of Amy Diener

Amy Diener

Amy Diener Limited is a company run by Amy Diener, New York artist based in Bangkok. She is a painter who specializes in vibrant dot paintings, creating originals, prints, merchandise, as well as offers art workshops.


Ashlar stands as the unparalleled choice for your Occupational Safety, Health, and Sustainability consultancy needs in Thailand. With a proven track record of excellence, Ashlar brings an unwavering commitment to creating safer and healthier workplaces, while ensuring sustainable business practices.

House Of Gems

The top leading jewellery components & souvenir supplier in the me region, with wide range of brands varieties “house of gems” covers the entire me region providing its products and business consulting services to more than 300 active customers and recognized to be one of the major players in the jewellery & souvenir industries.

Asia Pillars

Asia Pillars helps companies and organizations grow by fostering business and human connections.

Asia Pillars’ business networking events bring together the most extensive network of C-Levels, department heads, experts, founders, and business owners in Thailand. At each event, 30 Pillars (captains of industries) and C-levels from different industries and backgrounds are present and available for discussion.