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Positive Thinking

How Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Leadership and Life

Taking responsibility for your words, thoughts, and actions is a critical component of being a successful leader but also determines the quality of your life. Negative thinking leads to stress and causes conflict, not only within oneself, but to others as well! Keeping your thoughts and musings positive therefore can make all the difference!

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Shared Humanity

Celebrating Our Shared Humanity: A Revolutionary Perspective Inspired by Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek

This blog explores the concept of Shared Humanity through the lens of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. It delves into the show’s timeless themes of unity, empathy, and collective exploration as a roadmap for creating a more harmonious world. The article also draws parallels with real-world examples and scientific endeavors that exemplify unity in diversity.

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Positivity Unleashed

Breaking the Cycle: The Transformative Power of Positivity and Gratitude in Your Life

TLDR: This comprehensive guide explores the transformative effects of positivity and gratitude on your well-being. From understanding the vicious cycle of negativity to implementing actionable steps for a happier life, you’ll find the tools you need for a lasting change. Plus, get answers to frequently asked questions and expert insights from executive leadership coach Hugh Van Es.

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Hugh Van Es

Hugh Van Es

Hugh Van Es has over 25 years of experience in leading teams and developing new leaders in multilingual environments.

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