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Why I Choose LinkedIn Over Mainstream Media for a Positive Perspective

TLDR: This article explores why LinkedIn is a preferable source of information compared to mainstream media, focusing on its positive impact, professional atmosphere, and opportunities for skill development. Expect insights into how LinkedIn offers a more balanced, enriching experience, along with tips on how to use the platform effectively.

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Staying Positive in a Negative News-Saturated Era

TLDR: “Staying Positive in a News-Saturated Era” offers strategies to maintain optimism and resilience amidst the prevailing negativity in mainstream media, highlighting the importance of curated content and mindfulness practices.

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Maintaining a Positive Mindset in Today’s World

TLDR: This blog emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, especially in today’s digital age filled with negativity. It highlights the role of gratitude, celebrating achievements, and personal growth in reinforcing positivity. Leaders, in particular, benefit from such a mindset, with tools like workshops, books, networking, and coaching to guide them. Adopting a positive approach in leadership not only aids personal success but can transform entire organizations.

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Navigating Leadership: The Key Role of Clear Communication

TL;DR: This blog dives into ‘Navigating Leadership’, emphasizing the importance of clear communication in uncertain times. It draws parallels between leadership and captaining a ship, underscoring the value of transparency, understanding, and empathy. Practical avenues like coaching, workshops, and books are suggested for honing leadership skills.

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Why Empowering Your Employees is the Key to Retention

Hey there! Have you ever tried to open a door with the wrong key? It’s frustrating, right? You keep trying, jiggling the key, and hoping for the best. In the same way, organizations these days are jiggling their keys, hoping to unlock the secret to retaining top talent. But what if I told you that the right key is simply empowering your employees? Let’s dive in.

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Swarovski Mentorship: Lighting the Path for Inspiring Leaders

Hello, dear readers! We’re excited to share a topic that holds a special place in our hearts—Swarovski Mentorship. Having recently joined the program as a mentor, the experience is nothing short of enlightening. It’s like the Buddhist proverb says, “If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your own path.” But what does it take to be a part of such an empowering initiative, and why is it crucial for both mentors and mentees? Let’s delve into it.

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Hugh Van Es has over 25 years of experience in leading teams and developing new leaders in multilingual environments.

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